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BUYER BEWARE when purchasing NTI products online

NTI very much discourages the practice of consumers buying our products online for the following reasons:

  1. Our appliances are sophisticated, and require extensive training to install and service. When buying from a person who does not install, you are guaranteed not to have access to proper installation or adequate technical assistance. NTI does not provide technical assistance to anyone other than a licensed heating technician.
  2. Online sellers may be selling older models, discontinued models, repaired units or other.
  3. Online sellers usually have a disclaimer in their documents, like that inserted below, that you don’t see or read.
    "By purchasing from XXXYYY Co. you enter into a binding agreement not to hold its partners, members or managers liable for death and or damages, consequential or inconsequential, resulting from the installation, delivery, operation of the equipment. Equipment is intended to be installed by someone with the proper expertise, background and certification. Do-It-Yourselfers accept all risk for both installation and equipment selection. We strongly encourage an onsite inspection by a certified professional. We will assist you with any warranty claims."
  4. Most online sellers cannot visit your home in order to inspect it, do a proper heat loss calculation or properly size the required equipment.
  5. Online sellers can be here today and gone tomorrow – meaning you can't find them.
  6. Most online sellers cannot supply references in your neighbourhood so you cannot verify neighbours’ satisfaction.
  7. Most online sellers don't do the installation, therefore they deny any responsibility.

What you want as a consumer

  • A responsible, professional installer with years of good experience that you can verify, and who is close to home.
  • A contractor with a solid business who visits your home before they quote a price and who will stand behind the product after they get paid.
  • A contractor that has been trained by NY Thermal Inc. (NTI) on the product so that they will install it according to our specifications.
  • A product and installation at a fair price that includes the security necessary with such an important piece of equipment.

What NY Thermal Inc. will do
If you purchased online – NO WARRANTY and NO TECH SUPPORT
If you purchase from a qualified contractor – Whatever is necessary to support the product