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Global warming is the gradual increasing of the Earth’s surface temperatures that is caused by Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions being trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. This warming effect is most commonly associated with human interferences such as the burning of fossil fuels and release of industrial pollutants.

Greenhouse gases photo
During the past 20 years, levels of GHGs in the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide, have increased by about 25%, and three-quarters of the human-made carbon dioxide emissions are from burning fossil fuels. It is estimated that without preventative measures, GHG emissions will increase by an additional 16% by 2012.

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The generation of electricity is a complex process that produces GHG emissions from beginning to end. More than 27% of all GHG emissions in North America are caused by the generation of electricity and its transportation to your home. Conservation is key – GHGs and pollution are borderless issues – what one town or country does, positively or negatively, can affect everyone.

photo of hands and green globeYou now have the opportunity to choose the most environmentally-efficient integrated appliance while increasing your comfort. The Matrix provides tremendous GHG savings compared to the most efficient condensing furnace, heat pump, and geothermal heat pump. You’re not only saving on fuel bills, you’re saving the planet.

Make the right choice for your comfort, wallet, and for the planet. It doesn’t cost more to be environmentally friendly when heating or cooling your house, so why not make the green choice now?

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